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The Young Bengal Movement ; History of India(part:1)

The Young Bengal Movement

The young Bengal movement is known as “New Bengal Movement” to some historians also, It began in the first half of 19th century, the Hindu College was established in Kolkata in 1818-19 after establishing the Fort Willium College (1880-1802), one of the bright students of  that college was Henry Louis Vivian Derozio (1809-1831),After completing  his Degree Derizio was appointed as a teacher of that college. He was the founder of the ‘Young Bengal Movement’, that was a period when Renesans took Place in all over the Europe, Besides , the French Revolution and industrial revolution winded the Indian educated people, particularly the educated people of Kolkata vividly. But then the people of India were under the British Rule, so they were fumbling some way of people’s welfare and educational revolution, The people of Kolkata, who got education were fervently thinking about mass education, free thinking and freedom of India,

The student of Hindu College earned the modern and European education. They learned the thought and ideology of Jhon Stuart Mill, Herbert Spenser, Benthum, Francis Bacon, Gibbon and other eminent social scientists of the western world, so their thinking and idea was much progressive then the other people of Kolkata, As a result, they made a ‘Discussion Society’ and began a movement of ‘Free thinking and free Expression’ which was known as ‘The Young Bengal Movement’


Bengali Movement:

The common people , who were not ecquainted  with those ideologies, Indicated those young as arrogant, revolutionists of the customary thinking, belief,  and extremist, they declared one kind of war against the religion and prevalent customs,

Founder of the Young Bengal Movement:

Derozio was the founder of this movement, though other some teachers and students occasionally did this type of free discussion meeting earlier, his father was a Portuguese but mother was Bengali, who lived in Kolkata, he studied in Mr.Dramond’s school in Dharmatola, Kolkat, who was a free thinker and eminent educationist in that time,Derozio was inspired in free thinking by that Scotch  teacher Mr, Dramond, after successfully completing his education he joined as a teacher in ‘The Hindu college’ in 1826. He got only 5 years chance of teaching before death,

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